I see a Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon Resort sign

           Welcome to our little coastal paradise. Apparently Blue Horizon resorts is open to church groups across the country for trips, retreats, et cetera. I highly recommend them. I myself liked the location, the staff were courteous and helpful yet not in your way, and, finally, it was just cool.
           Obviously, we spent a lot of time just hanging out at the Blue Horizon. It was casual, comfortable, and everything else that makes hanging out fun. If we weren't at the beach and if we weren't at a scheduled event, we were simply having a good time at the place we stayed. Hence, except for the cruise, the most pictures en masse were taken here.

IN FACT, there were even camera wars...

Bryon is captured on film capturing me on film. I am captured on film capturing Bryon on film.  (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)

           Yes sir, we spent much good time at Blue Horizon, doing a variety of lacksadaisical things:


           Perhaps the most important of all pasttimes. Except for that Italian dinner and for our cruise dinner, we ate at our lodgings. The food was good, especially the night we grilled it ourselves.

Gourmet Chef Chuck Hodges works with some burgers and all of the hot dogs on the lower-heat side. Rex shows off his skills as he flips burgers.

Here were our master chefs. They did most of the work until I took over so they could eat. Apparently, they brought out the best in the burgers and the burgers brought out what many of my classmates considered the worst in me. :)

Daniel, Nate, Jon, and Mark are having a good time while they chow down on the good food.  Well, it looks as if at least Nate, Jon, and Mark are having a good time.

Here we see some early comers enjoying the fruits of Chuck and Rex's labors. Yes sir, those were some mighty good burgers. yessah...thosersahmiyegoobrrgrs....mieygoobrrgrs! heh heh

Daniel relaxes while David eats his lunch at a leisurely pace.  (I am especially proud of this picture; I think it is a great shot.)

Perhaps the greatest meal was when we fended for ourselves (I don't remember what day or for what reason we had to pack a lunch). We went over to the local gas station/grocery store and bought some nice, cool Vanilla Coke. Then we set up stereo speakers around the pool (Snatch soundtrack...or was it Ocean's Eleven?) and simply enjoyed ourselves.....ah...it was great!

Sleep...or Lack of It

Most of the time when we could have been doing this:

Nathan and Caleb visibly konked out at about 2-3 am in the morning

We were doing all sorts of other things. I mean, who can afford to sleep more than 4-6 hours when there's so much vacation to enjoy?!



We did all sorts of things! We had meetings...

Mrs. Portillo smiles for the camera.
Renee stands out in this picture because she's wearing a lei Rex made with white beach flowers.
Everyone's waiting on Mrs. Willars to arrive so we can make some 'event decisions'

We had worship...

Sarah and Joe are caught off guard by me suddenly turning around and taking their picture.

We hung out...

Christen and Laurence
I make one of Bryon's pictures slightly more interesting.  (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)
I startle Jon and Mr. Flora with a surprise picture from outside the building.

...but mostly, when we should have been sleeping, we played MAFIA!

Good times
A game of trickery and deceit
Which, of course, makes it all the more fun

Just Hanging About...

           Yes sir, there was a lot of heavy duty loitering going on.

Sarah and Lauren have a little talk while Jessica smiles in the background

Emilee and Annavette shoot some hoops.  (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)

Kirsten and Renee--with straight hair! (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)

Mr. Green, Kelly, and Kelly (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)

Jessica lounges on a picnic table.  (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)

Bryon's Hair and Joe's Glasses (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)

Drake lays on a mattress out on the deck and strums a guitar. (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)

David, Phil, David, and Rex lounge by the pool

Natalie smiles for the camera. (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)

Our sponsors really enjoyed Mrs. Hanlon's convertable.  (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris, subtitle by Jared Blakely)

A Launching Pad

           We also used Blue Horizon to prepare to go other places. This aspect of our lodgings played a big part of our trip but a little part of our photographs.

Elisa prepares to go to the beach (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)
Linda and Kenny are prepared and waiting to go on our cruise!  (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)

Here on the left you see Linda and Kenny waiting for everyone else to finish preparing to go on the cruise. I think this is a pretty good picture. Bryon Farris' work, actually.

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