Show me the money!
Mrs. Willars hands out some moolah to students so we can spend it on our trip!

Senior trip came and went, and a fun time was had by all! I have divided my pictures into several galleries, be sure to check out those which interest you. I never really sent out an email all about senior trip (partly because I was very busy, partly because I just didn't feel like it), but they say a picture is worth a thousand words. (Of course, that probably means I still owe you a couple thou', but that's what the descriptions are for.) Also note that some of these pictures came courtesy of Bryon Farris, fellow photographer.

Blue Horizon: Our Lodgings

Beach Time: Fun in the Sun

Dinner: Food, Fun, and Fellowship

PowerKiting with Phil^

The Cruise Part 1

The Cruise Part 2

Posted July 2002 Internet Empire HQ Pictures by Jared Blakely
and Bryon Farris