Italian Dining

Serving Up Food, Fellowship, and Futurism

          I believe it was Monday night in which we all donned semi-casual wear and piled onto the bus to travel to that evening's culinary delight at an Italian restaurant, the name of which I cannot recall nor does it matter, really. The evening was plush with fine drinks (I had a few root beers if I remember aright) and spaghetti with humongous meatballs. But most importantly of all, we were able to sit back and relax and join in meaningful discussion with our friends. For instance, I discovered Rex's plot to assume control over vast amounts of businesses. (And I must say, I think he will win as well.) We also partook in various other futurisms, including how several members of the table would be either executed or take the bullet for Bryon Farris once he assumed control over the world. The dessert was very fancy as well; I doubt there was any sugar in it at all. Once again, a fine time was had by all, except there were some complaints that we must adjourn for the evening instead of attending local amusement parks. However, the fun-loving and giving folks that our sponsors are, we were able to do such the next evening. Thus I provide you with a few pics from miniature golf as well!

Now, let's have a look at the beautiful people who enjoyed the Italian food...

Here's the table I sat at...noticeably questionable characters...
David, Bryon, Rex, Mark, Nathan, Phil, my empty chair, Daniel, and David

These guys sat across from us...and were more quiet...
Mr. Flo', Jessica, Natalie, Kelly, Erik, and Mr. Nelson

These guys knew how to have a good time at a smaller table!
Drake, Adam, Laurence, Tyler, Mr. Green

As did these beautiful young ladies at this table...
Jessica, Emily, Annavette, Emilee

Here are our charming, age-defying female sponsors.
Mrs. Tait, Mrs. Portillo, Mrs. Talamantez, and Mrs. Willars

The brothers sat down together and had a talk.
Joe, Brian, Andrew, Joey, Tye, Andy, Clint, Caleb, Jim, Daniel

The sisters also had a table of their own...
Linda, Jennifer, Sarah, Whitney, Angela, Elisa, Shirlee

Yes, that's right folks, it takes 8 tables to seat our large, rambunctious group, and this here table is a good mix of 'em all...
Christen, Kari, Alison, Kirsten, Kenny, Jon, Chuck, Julie, Kelly, Renee, Josh

          And now, for those few pictures I captured from our crazy outing to miniature golf. You could win $50 for getting a hole-in-one on the 18th hole, but even with 50+ kids and sponsors, we had no luck. However, you can see that Mark and Kenny had some skill as they line up their shots below:

Notice the cool angle from which I took this shot Notice the questionably pink ball; Mark assures me this is what won him this second round.

And here's a shot of Bryon and Renee, I assume upon leaving the bus that evening...
Hey, I just don't have anywhere to put this shot, but I like it.  (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris, edited by Jared Blakely)

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