A Dinner & DANCE Cruise

         When you last joined us, we were starting to really have a good time on the Lady Anderson. And the evening just kept going up and up! I really enjoyed the band and their selection of music.

The Band (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)

         If you remember from this page's counterpart, we were in an upper deck, so we could look over this balcony at the band below.

The guys looking over the balcony at the band.

The Band

As long as the band was playing music, they did a really good job. Whenever they stopped and tried to make chit-chat or jokes...they flopped. But I guess their great music made up for the annoying intermissions!

Pretty soon you had several of us out there on the dance floor. We start gettin' our groove on!

Then we all started enjoying ourselves! Including Tye! Tye's having fun! (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)

         I don't know what it was. Perhaps it was the sea air.

Perhaps it was the dancing.
Dancing (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)

Perhaps it was the romantic atmosphere.
Cute Couple: Erik and Lauren

Perhaps I just went a little loopy.
This isn't a new photograph.  It's still 'Courtesy of Bryon Farris'

But I did a little dance.
I 'kissing' Julie

...I had a little love...
I 'kissing' Annavette

...and I got down that night!
I 'kissing' Jessica

Even when we started taking pictures...
Julie, Nathan, Bryon, Whitney, Alison (?), David, Me, Phil, Kelly, Sarah, Jessica (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)

I still made my moves!
I 'kissing' Sarah as the others look on and laugh

My posterity will think I had a really great senior trip. And I did. Just not in the way my progeny will think I did.

         But it was a great night. And a great trip. Sure, we we snapped a few pictures...

Daniel, Mr. Flora, Tyler, and Jennifer on the prow of the ship

...but we made memories to last a lifetime!
All of us again (Photo Courtesy of Bryon Farris)

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