Here are some beautiful pictures from our trip.

LuAnn and Grady
Here's the mom and youngest kid of the family we stayed with, standing outside their house in Schofield Barracks. They're good friends from when my father was in the military. I have a bigger version of this picture that's clearer here on my computer; come see it some time.
Mountains shrouded in clouds, seen from Kaneohe Bay Typical Hawaiian Beauty Another view of the mountains from the dive boat
The above are some pictures of typical beautiful Hawaiian landscape.
Speaking of Hawaiian beauty...
Ooh, isn't he a hottie? Get some ice water!
Peace, man!
Jared giving his sign of the week as Mom captures us eating lunch in the Hawaii Kai area shortly before going to Hanauma Bay.
Late Wednesday night, we went crazy trying to capture a Hawaiian sunset.
A Picture of the reflection of the sunset on the houses, as seen from Diamond Head
First I had the idea of taking the picture overlooking Waikiki from Diamond Head, a dormant volcano, but the park was closed.
Sunset at Waikiki
So we went to the famed Waikiki itself to take the picture.
Panoramic Shot
Beautiful Digital Shot
Isn't it beautiful?