Here are pictures taken at Pearl Harbor, which we visited Wednesday morning.

A view of Pearl Harbor
Here you can see a view of Pearl Harbor. That white thing in the center of the pic is the Arizona Memorial. You can see some Navy vessels as well.
Palm Trees and Fountains USS Arizona Memorial
We got there early to make sure we could get a showing. They have this really beautiful courtyard in the waiting area (left). We got our tickets for the showing, but it wasn't 'til a little while laterz so we took the picture on the right and headed to the USS Bowfin historical park.
Jared at the Stern of the Bowfin
Here's a picture of me standing at the stern of the Bowfin. The American flag flaps proudly in the breeze as you overlook Pearl Harbor. That bridge behind me is actually RETRACTABLE to let Navy ships through (I overheard a tour guide saying that).
Inside the Sub
The USS Bowfin is a World War II submersible vessel nicknamed "The Pearl Harbor Avenger" because it set sail exactly a year after the attack and sank 44 Japanese ships. You can see Donald and I listening to tape cassettes; they give you tapes that the captain of the ship has recorded. He leads you through the vessel and tells you stories about things that happened on the ship. It was cool, although I don't think we were ready for this picture.
Jonathan on the Bowfin Jonathan on the Bowfin
Here's some more pictures taken from the Bowfin.
View of Pearl Harbor, the Bowfin visible
Here's a picture taken from the ferry taking us out to the USS Arizona Memorial. You can see the USS Bowfin. I really liked the Bowfin, in case you haven't figured that out.
Names of those valiant men entombed below
Here's a picture taken from inside the Arizona memorial. This one shows the American flag, the one below is a centered view showing leis people had laid down to honor the men who died.
To the Memory...
Donald; you can see my butt in the left corner as I look at the ship below Jonathan looks at the ship resting on the bottom of the harbor below
Here's some views from inside the Memorial. The ship is laying below, perpendicular to the memorial.
It sunk, trapping something around 1170 men (if I remember correctly), but resting upright on the bottom. You can see the ship, some parts peeking out of the water, some as much as 4 feet under water. It inspires thought and reflection.
Jonathan looks over the side at the ship below
Jonathan looks over the side at the Arizona below. See that black spot, stringy thing, and the rainbows on the water? That's not a film-processing error, that's oil which still leaks from the hull of the ship, which sunk over 60 years ago. I dunno what it is about that oil, but it meant something to me.
USS Arizona Memorial
Mom, Jonathan, and I get a picture in front of the entrance of the memorial right before we have to leave.
Pearl Harbor, Arizona Memorial visible
One more shot of the memorial from the park to send you on your way.