Hall of Shame

Here's a collection of photographic mishaps from our vacation. Unfortunately, I didn't have the picture of Jonathan's rear end blaring at the camera from the diving expedition, but we still have some pathetic stuff. Some good examples of pictures NOT to take.

Waianae Boat Harbor
A boat harbor. Don't waste your panoramic film taking pictures of desiccated boats on blocks.

'Candid' Shot
Candid shots are often cool. They can also be awfully boring.

Pearl Harbor
A picture taken from the back of the ferry at Pearl Harbor. The problem with this photo is the flag. Capturing all of it would have been cool.

Storm on the Horizon
Now THIS was almost a really cool picture of the storm on the horizon as we took the boat to the second dive site. However...that bar got in the way. Stand up next time.

What tha...?!
What is this?

Here's a picture of people on the ferry, of all things. See if you can find me up in the front trying to avoid these shenanigans.

Jonathan listening to his walkman
All who wanted to see a picture of Jonathan sitting in an airport listening to his walkman, raise your hands.
(Guards, cut off those hands.)

At the store
Here's a picture of the check-out lady at the store where we bought jackets. Through my clenched smile I'm saying something like, "Don't worry, we won't hurt you. They're just camera-happy." If I were her, I would have had serious doubts about our sanity.

Hanauma Bay
Actually, this is a good picture. I've placed it in the 'Hall of Shame' because unfortunately the sun is clouded over, preventing you from seeing the tremendous BEAUTY of this place. Now that's a shame.