So there we were in England's Gatwick Airport! The next thing for us to do was board our bus.

Which we did, naturally.
Jared and Julianna (Photo Courtesy of Julianna Parker)
Here's Julianna and I sitting on the bus.

The drive from Gatwick to London was absolutely beautiful.
Katie, Stephanie, and Bryon (Photo Courtesy of Julianna Parker)
Here you see Katie, Stephanie, and Bryon enjoying their busride.

Katie was especially pleased to find that the bus had a toilet.
Katie does a Vanna impression and shows off the bus's WC
We were warned that there would be no toilet on the bus and bathrooms would be scarce. Actually, as it turns out, though both of our buses had toilets, they were locked and we stopped at convenience stores for frequent pit stops.

We saw some interesting things during our ride to our hotel.

Here's a picture of the Thames I snapped from my bus window.
MI6 Agents conferring in front of the Thames.
Pretty good, I think.

This here restaurant impressed me.
It shows the long arm of Texas.
The Texas Embassy - Restaurant
But they got our flag wrong!

This is my favorite of the English signs.
It says, Changed Priorities Ahead
I'm not sure what priorities were in occurrence then, but they changed.

Heh heh. After dropping our bags off at the hotel, we exchanged money, bought some lunch, and headed to the Tube.

The group heads down the stairs towards the platform.  The ceiling overhead makes it obvious why this place is called 'The Tube.' (Photo Courtesy of Julianna Parker)
It was at this point that a lot of people were saying, "Ah. I see why they call it 'The Tube.'"

Julianna and Kristen smile for the camera in the Tube.  Ryan stalks silently behind them.  (Photo Courtesy of Julianna Parker)
We spent a lot of time in underground transportation facilities while in Paris. The trip to and from the Tower of London was our only experience with the Tube.

A subway car slows to a halt next to the platform.  Bryon Farris stands underneath the 'Way Out' sign. (Photo Courtesy of Julianna Parker)
Still, it was a memorable experience. We all liked the British exit signs (Bryon stands beneath it in the photo).

Of course, the purpose was to get somewhere. And that somewhere was

The Tower of London