20,000 Leagues Over the Sea

Below are some pictures of us at the San Antonio Airport.

Bryon, Sydney, and Evelyn
As you can see, the trip already found some of us busy...

Katie, Stephanie, and Julianna
...some of us bemused...

Ryan and Kristen
...some of us bored...

Bryon, Sydney, Evelyn, and Jared (Photo Courtesy of Julianna Parker)
...and some of us bizarre.

But this was not unusual. Most of us were this way already (as the pictures show), and we persisted to live in this way despite such European horizon-broadenings.

We saw our fair share of airports and border-crossings. Below are some of the girls at the Atlanta Airport, happy to be on their way to London.
Julianna, Stephanie, and Kristen (Photo Courtesy of Julianna Parker)
Obviously they hadn't endured the grueling seven-hour flight yet.

But here's one of their plans for said flight.
Stephanie and Julianna wearing sleep masks and feigning unconsciousness in Atlanta Airport (Photo Courtesy of Julianna Parker)
Yes, they really DID wear those ridiculous things throughout the trip.

Well, I figure a 7-hour plane ride
deserves at least the recognition
of a new page