the Tower of London

Jared indicates the gravity of the location.
Here I am standing at the spot where Anne Boleyn and other famous people were beheaded.

Here's a view of the same location, taken from behind. Above it you can see the White Tower (of London) to the left and the Tower Bridge through the trees on the right.
Pretty nifty photo, eh?

Jared throws himself into the role of the gunner.

Here you can see me defending the Tower of London from an alien attack. As soon as the UFO's appeared, I sprang into action and took hold of one of the guns displayed there at the Tower of London. Apparently the aliens were after the Crown Jewels (which I couldn't take any pictures of because the Brits fear you'll be casing the joint) because that's where the space ship was flying, as someone who's been to the Tower might have inferred from the picture.

And here's Bryon and I sitting on a bench inside the courtyard.
Jared and Bryon point your attention to the raven milling about in the yard behind them.

One raven grooms another in the yard.
There were several ravens milling about in the grass in the courtyard. Legend has it that if the ravens ever vacate the premises, then the walls of the tower will crumble and England will fall. The Brits aren't taking any chances: they clip the ravens' wings. Unfortunately, this keeps them from propogating, which seems to be an aerial affair. Curiously enough, it also increases their lifespan by about 357%.

A view of one of the small yards on the side of the White Tower.  Embossed Tower Bridge inset.  (Main Photo Courtesy of Julianna Parker)

Here's another view of a side courtyard inside the walls. You see some of the Yeoman Warder housing on the left, a grassy yard, and the dark wall of the White Tower bordering the right. The stone wall ruin in the center of the picture is actually of Roman origin (if I remember correctly) and formed the first wall of the castle.

Close-up shot of a raven.
Pretty cool, huh?

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