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Three Hotties About to Attend a Formal 1. Salve iuvenca, aquam frigidam aliquam ad me habes, quod calidus quoque es!
2. Vis efficere?
3. Puella, tu plus decora quam stellas es.
4. Puella, tu tam pulchra es! Jennifer Love Hewitt
5. In matrimonium duce me!
So hot it's dangerous! 6. Ludos tonsillarum ludamus!
7. Estne pater tuus quidam qui metum inicit? ...quod tu fragor es!
9. Salve Osculum, cur ne labri areti mei rigas? Sarah Michelle Gellar's Lovely Face 8. Oscula me!
A Kiss
10. Si pulchritudo lac erat, ut tu vacca esses. A Hot College Chick 11. Num es defessa? ...quod per animus meus nocte omne diu cursa eras!
Alicia Silverstone 12. Gummi sapores negotiemur! Ami Dolenz
13. Habesne quartam pecuniae? ...quod mater mea mihi hanc advocare dicebat cum angelum conspicatus sim. A Hot Sportsgirl
14. Ludasne ludos? ...quod in ludo meo "ex finibus" non est.
Don't believe that sweet exterior, folks: this one's a cold-blooded killer! 15. Nocetne? ...Quando de caelo cecidisti?
16. Pro te amor mea similis ad diahrrhoea est: non possum ea intra continere! Toilet Paper FLUSH!
17. Salve, voces in meo capite me imperaverunt ut transirem cum te colloqueremque. Jennifer Aniston 18. Tantum cales ut diabolum sudare efficias.
19. Si quidlibet possim, lacrima tua sim; in tui oculi nascar, in tuae genae vivar, in tui labri osculi peream.

Yes! I finally added some more lines! And now that school's starting, I'll probably have some more soon! Of course, it's not going to work very well IF I DON'T GET ANY MORE PICTURES! Yes, I'd rather not surf the net looking for beauties when I already know so many! So email me a pic at ASAP!

--Ille Latro


1. Yo girl, do you have some ice water for me, cuz you are too hot!!

-line 2-

2. Do you want to make out?

-line 3-

3. Sweetheart, you are more beautiful than the stars.

-line 4-

4. Girl, you are so fine!

-line 5-

5. Marry me!

-line 6-

6. Let's play tonsil hockey!

-line 7-

7. Is your father a terrorist? ...cuz you're the bomb!

-line 8-

8. Kiss me!

-line 9-

9. Hey Sweet Mouth, why don't you moisten my chapped lips?

-line 10-

10. If beauty was milk, you'd be a cow.

-line 11-

11. Are you tired? ...cuz you've been running through my mind all night long!

-line 12-

12. Let's trade gum flavors!

-line 13-

13. Do you have a quarter? ...cuz my mother told me to call her when I saw an angel.

-line 14-

14. Do you play sports? ...cuz in my game there's no "out-of-bounds."

-line 15-

15. Did it hurt? ...when you fell from heaven?

-line 16-

16. My love for you is like diarrhea: I can't hold it in!

-line 17-

17. Hi, the voices in my head told me to come over and talk to you.

-line 18-

18. You're so hot you'd make the devil sweat.

-line 19-

19. If I could be anything, I would be your teardrop; I would be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips.

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