Field Conduct

         As a service to many of you out there, I have decided to give a few tips on conducting yourself in the field alone or in small groups. I am quite experienced in this area, so perhaps I may be of some help for you. I am willing to divulge several basic secrets to conducting oneself covertly in the field, although I shall keep some special secrets to myself.
         The key to moving about unnoticed is paranoia. Always act as if someone knows your general whereabouts and is trying to pinpoint your exact location. This may even be the case if you are not very skilled yet. The second key is move quietly! If the enemy can hear you coming from 50 yards off, you will not catch them by surprise. Step lightly, rolling your foot on the ground. I prefer toe-to-heel but heel-to-toe works better in some situations.
         Watch where you're stepping! Avoid dry grass and especially avoid dry leaves like those on the background. Try to walk on dirt and rocks. Rocks are the best surface for moving quickly and quietly as long as you do not kick or trip over any loose rocks. Damp ground is also another good surface, but not long grass. When walking, take a careful calculated step, then pause to listen. Repeat. Move quickly and silently through open areas; try to avoid open areas all-together. Move slowly and carefully through woods and trees--your enemy may be nearby. Move under cover noise: the wind blowing, cars, the enemy trudging along, explosions, et cetera.
         The last key I am willing to give to you novices is BACKGROUND BACKGROUND BACKGROUND! Always know what is behind you. If you are decked out in your camouflauge while leaning against a white wall, you'll stick out like a sore thumb. The worst possible background is the sky. Always stick to shadows, trees, and shrubbery.
         At the moment, this is all I am willing to reveal and write out. Perhaps at another time I will feel like expatiating on this subject and improving this particular corner of my empire.

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